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Speed up Your Success with 3 Personal Consultations With An Expert

* These sessions are provided remotely via Zoom.

Personalised strategy

These sessions are personalised for your specific business and will include specific strategies that will help you accelerate your growth and acquire new customers based on your unique marketing needs, goals and challenges.

Share your screen

With the ability to screen share during the consultation, we can easily identify areas for improvement and provide real-time solutions, leading to increased efficiency in your marketing efforts.

Avoid Common Mistakes

We will help you save time and resources by avoiding common mistakes that ruin your advertising efforts and instead implement proven strategies that work immediately.

Faster Results

Working one-on-one with a marketing expert offers unmatched expertise and knowledge, leading to faster and more effective results, allowing you to see a return on your investment much sooner.

Get Access To 3 Premium Online Marketing Courses

Online Marketing Bootcamp

What You'll Learn:

Discover the fundamental principles of online marketing. This course will teach you everything you need to know to develop a solid foundation and effectively market your business online.

  • Why using the wrong information will kill you and cost you years of progress
  • The Most Dangerous number in business and why not all problems are created equal
  • A deep dive into the different types of marketing and which one to employ in your specific business to get maximum returns
  • The simplest and fastest way to make more money in your business right now
  • The Group Photo effect and the WIIFM Formula that you must always use while crafting ad campaigns
  • The 4 Must-haves of a good marketing strategy
  • The Gold Fish Point of View that shows you how many times you should ask for the sale from your prospects
  • and so much more...

worth $297 

Online Marketing Masterclass

What You'll Learn:

This course will show you practically how to set up your business online, target your ideal audience, create and launch advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram for maximum return on investment.

  • How to set up your business on the hidden platform behind Meta that all successful growing companies are using to attract only the very best customers
  • How to Identify Your Ideal Target Audience and the reasons they will pay you
  • How to set up and optimise Profitable Advertising Campaigns for maximum reach and customer conversion
  • How to craft compelling ad content with text and visuals that stand out and grab attention of your best customers
  • How to stop getting just "likes & comments" and instead drive real tangible sales for your business
  • The 4 Crucial Metrics you need to measure and analyse the performance of your ads to have a profitable running business
  • and so much more...

worth $1,000 

The Ads Clinic

What You'll Learn:

Quickly diagnose and fix failing advertising campaigns. This course will teach you how to identify the root cause of underperforming campaigns and turn them back into profitable sales generating machines for you.

  • The BTCD framework that pinpoints the exact issues that are causing your prospective clients to run away from your business and fail to enter your sales process
  • The ATC diagnosis that sheds light on the specific changes that you need to make to increase conversions into sales and make more money immediately
  • Where you should be spending the bulk of your time for maximum profitable return on investment
  • and so much more...

worth $497 

Hybrid Done-With-You Marketing Service

This alone will save you years of effort and gain you millions in sales and income.

  • 3 Personal 1-on-1 consultation sessions to help implement the best online marketing strategy for your specific business right now. (worth USD 4,500)
  • Online Marketing Masterclass course (worth USD 1,000)
  • Online Marketing Bootcamp course (worth USD 297)
  • The Ads Clinic course (worth USD 497)
Total Value: $6,300

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