Want to Generate Unlimited Customers & Profits In Your Biz?

Finally, a reliable system to Have Your Dream Clients Calling You and Permanently Stop Chasing Time-wasters who never buy!

Dear Business Owner,

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you work, your business just doesn't seem to be taking off? 

Well, I have been there...

A few years ago I asked myself this very question...

You see, I had started my business and told the world about all these amazing things I was going to accomplish - huge dreams -- crazy dreams actually!

I had this awesome opportunity with great products and services and thought that business was going to be obvious with customers flooding in automatically and I would make lots of money and sail away into the sunset of my dream life.

Sadly, I was mistaken.

I quickly realised that even though what I had to offer was great, I still had to let people know about it. And for things to work, I had to get in touch with many people.

So I attended seminars, read books on marketing, prospecting, closing deals, sales techniques, cold calling, positive thinking etc etc.

Whereas the information seemed to be helpful in understanding these concepts, I still found myself a few years after practicing these techniques...

having nothing significant to show for all your hard work.

Imagine, still having to hustle hard to get someone to buy, just getting by and living near the poverty line, fighting to cover basic living expenses year in year out and falling deeper into debt - it was a real struggle.

All because I had failed to figure out how to get large numbers of people buying my stuff and what I was being taught just didn't seem to work.

I Almost Quit. 

Yes, you read that correctly...

They say every one has a breaking point. I felt like I was moving backwards and started remembering all those friends and family who tell you it will never work and almost agreed with them and quit.

But quit and do what? Go back to the job world I hated working 8am to 5pm and only looking forward to weekends and praying that public holidays landed on working days while being overworked and under paid.

It's frustrating because you know your stuff is good and you are a good hardworking person.

It feels unfair because others who are less qualified than you and not as hardworking seem to find success.

But one afternoon, as I was on my journey to accepting defeat, something hit me - 

Have you noticed that whenever someone contacts you and expresses interest in what you have to offer first, the sale is much smoother... and you are both happy with the transaction?

I knew that this was my gateway to taking my business to the next level. I knew that...


business is a numbers game BUT if you are talking to uninterested unqualified time-wasters, the numbers don't matter.

I had to figure out how to identify my ideal quality client and have them look for me and prove to me that they are worth my time. And to be able to do it over and over again...

And Yes, I found the answer after many months of searching.

Ever since I discovered these secrets, business has been sweet and growing year in, year out. It has been years since I went out looking for clients - all of them across all my businesses, approach us first and have to qualify themselves before we can proceed...

And I want to help you shortcut the process and do the same...

The Online Marketing Masterclass

The Online Marketing Masterclass is an online course specifically designed to help you correctly leverage the internet to Reliably and Consistently Generate Unlimited Customers, Clients and Profits for Your Business.

In this Masterclass, you will learn step by step, exactly How To Send Floods of Highly Targeted Interested & Ready Buyers to your business and Stop Chasing the wrong people who will never buy.

Here's What You’ll Get Instant Unlimited Access To:

You get instant access to this powerful information immediately from anywhere at anytime on any device with an internet connection - exact practical step-by-step lessons to make sure you have your dream clients contacting you so you can explode your business by the end of the Masterclass...


Have Clients Calling Your First

You become the hunted instead of the hunter; having clients calling you begging you to take their money. 


The Dog Whistle Method

This helps you automatically separate the serious buyers from the time-wasters before you even say anything.


Dominate Your Market

No one else is doing this. Learn to dominate and have your competition instead come to you for tips and advice.


Only Interested & Qualified Leads

Talk to only interested and qualified potential clients without being pushy, annoying or desperate. 


Leverage The Internet

Leveraging the internet in the right way is the real secret to wealth and exponential results


Real Tangible Results

Proven step-by-step guide to run successful online marketing campaigns no matter your business


The Heaven And Hell Strategy

What heaven and hell can teach you about identifying and understanding the actual problem you are solving and crawl inside the mind of your dream buyer


Your Very Own Marketing Machine

You get confidence and peace of mind knowing that your business now has a reliable consistent source of customers every single day


The CDF Formula

This formula helps you literally hand-pick your ideal perfect customer and cause your product/service to sell itself

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Timothy Aomu

"Over 1000 people contacting me in less than 3 weeks. Every single day many people are coming into my inbox interested in my products and business..."

Ruth Coleman

"I am now able to talk to people who are actually looking for what I have and this time round they are the ones looking for me..."

Steven kisakye

"I am now getting so many leads and contacts plus deliveries of my products every other day and that's what I was looking for..."

Vivian Nakimuli

"Oh My God! My expectations were exceeded. In a space of a week I was able to personally talk to over 140 people. THE RESULTS DON'T LIE ..."

About The Course Instructor, Eric Senyonga

Eric Senyonga is a leading business automation and marketing expert with over 11 years of real world experience under his belt. He is best known for causing epic transformation and impact in business results where it matters most - sales, marketing and efficiency.

He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow to the next level of their businesses regardless of their size. With his charisma and hospitable character, you will absolutely love working with him.

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Even More Praise For The Online Marketing Masterclass

Philip Luzige
Enock Kitondekijja
Julie nalwimba

For your business to survive and thrive,


Business is a Game of Numbers.

The most basic thing about business is The More You Expose Your Business To The Market, The More People Will Buy From You.

But even more importantly, exposing your business to the right people who are already interested and have the ability to buy is crucial.

This Online Marketing Masterclass gets your business to that level you have been dreaming of by giving you simple, actionable & proven tactics to grow your customer base quickly, easily and reliably.

You will never have to worry about money again knowing that your pipeline is always filled with potential clients waiting for you to service them regardless of the season or what business venture you are involved in.

We've thought long and hard about how much we should charge to reveal all these business building and marketing secrets.

After all it cost us over 4 years of painstaking trial and error, heartache and near $30,000 of cash out of pocket to learn these strategies and further refine them to work for us in a developing country, certainly we are not just handing this out for free.

So you'll agree that $1,000 is a really good deal. But we have decided to make it even more obvious for you and chop that in half. Which means you can get your hands on the entire Online Marketing Masterclass in the next 2 minutes for $497.

But there's more. For a limited time only, we are slashing that in half too, so you can immediately dive in and grow your business for JUST $297.


For A Limited Time Only




100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

There is absolutely no risk on you!

If in the next 30 days after you get the training you don’t think The Online Marketing Masterclass will help you explode your business and your income, we demand you get a refund.

Apply what you discover and you WILL explode your business.

It's Decision Time...

One year from now, what will your Online marketing look like?

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll stay where you’ve always been.

If you want to arrive somewhere new, it’s time to try something new.

Maybe this is that new thing you need to do. I hope it is.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside of this Online Marketing Masterclass.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Matovu nkakalukanyi
"I took a risk as a business man and enrolled. Within 12 days after the Masterclass, I was contacted by over 400 people and I HAVE MADE MORE SALES than I have ever made before..."
Robert ssebunya
"The most amazing was making over 1 million ugx (approx. $300) in a single day courtesy of this program yet I am expanding my business to a new country. I always have traffic in my inbox - cream and quality prospects..."
Charles Mugerwa
"After completing the masterclass, we have over 300 people contacting us every day and we are even getting frozen by the numbers. Everyday we get people to sell to, every week you make good money..."
innocent tumayine
"I decided to enroll becuase I was facing challenges during covid pandemic on how to sell my materials... In 23 minutes after setting up I got my first customer who paid..."
Frank tumwebaze
"I've got over 200 new positive business inquiries straight in my inbox...Have so far closed 20 of them. Every business leader must attend if you want a business with 6-figure income..."
Oscar nyegyema
"I took this so serious because it was a little bit hard for me to show the right people my opportunity and products so I did whatever it took and enrolled for the Masterclass. It opened up my eyes... 232 people reached out to me in 6 days interested in my products and opportunity..."

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